Our vision is to live simple, close to the nature. Our goal is to create space where people get together to practice outdoor collective sports. What we really want to give you is the self believe to do what is extraordinary. Our trips have a guide taking you to amazing and beautiful places where you can experience
your favourite state of mind.


You will have the space to explore the nature from your own view while as a group will reach further possibilities, skills and for someones even dreams. With our program you can make the most of your trip. ASA guides have dedicated their life to share knowledge and experience.


Balance between fun and discipline is very helpful in life. Together we learn and expand our limits. Safety comes with awareness and experience, being accurate and focused.


We feel responcible to bring smile to the people. As we grow our aims are to be able to contribute to campaigns involving volunteers to organise  anual events like geting disable people in the nature, educational kids camps and more.


Nature is like a playground, especially here on Tenerife you can go climbing, surfing or hiking in a day. There are abundance of routs, paths, walks accessible all year round with good weather. Our long term goal is to have positive impact on nature. Preserve and sustainable develop our habitats. ASA collaborates with organisations and companies which share their view and activities.

Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.

Japanese proverb

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