More than perfect :)

Joro Abrashev

Hallo everybody :)))) If you are here you are interested in sport for sure 🙂 Congratulations about it !!! Climing is one of my favourites and it became when I met this person ! In the past I`ve been on different climbing walls and I liked this sport. After our journey I go minimun twice a week to the same walls and I am in love with climbing :)) I don`t know what kind of magic he gave me … maybe you can ask him :))))) maybe he put something in my drink … hiihi :)))) …… and one day I just appeared in this fairy island and met Georgi and his fabulous girlfriend Eli. In twenty minutes we became friends, but not like everybody thinks, really good friends. It was like we know us years and years ago ! In the beginning of our holiday we were travelling around the island and they show us the magic nooks , it was wonderful !!! I recommend you to visit this place with this company !! For sure you will fly with incredible energy :))))) ENJOY P.S. The picture below can tell you more than everything 🙂 It`s after climbing!