above and beyond what I could ever expect

Joro Abrashev

A couple weekends ago I was given the opportunity to take a solo trip to Tenerife. I bought my flight tickets and soon after I found out that it is VERY difficult to find anything to do with a college kids budget (climbing, hiking, kayaking, etc.). After hours of searching through google, twitter, and facebook, I came across Georgi Abrashev’s professional facebook page (Alternative Sports Adventures). We set up a couple days to climb and figured out pricing (way less than the big tour companies). I didn’t know what to expect at all. I finally met Georgi when he picked me up.

How can I describe Georgi? To start, he treated me like we’ve been friends for over 25 years ever since the second we met. He went above and beyond what I could ever expect from a tour guide and that’s because he just wants to connect with the people he takes around. We agreed on a full day of climbing which I expected to be around 4-5 hours like other tours. He drove around the island for 5 hours, showing me all of the amazing highlights. Then he took me climbing for 5 hours as well. He even stopped at the grocery store for me, so I didn’t have to walk from my hostel and bought me a beer at the end of it to cheers to a great day. Whether you want to rock climb, hike, kayak, sight see, canyon, or walk, this is a deal of a lifetime with someone who is truly sincere and accommodating to everyone, regardless of fitness level. If any of you are ever in Tenerife, book something through Georgi. He made my solo weekend better than I ever could have imagined!