Rock Climbing

A week of sport routs tour
Fully organised climbing trip designed to enjoy Tenerife’s climbing spots and to discover the unique kind of rocks.

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Vacation Style 

  • Guided tour
  • Sport training
  • Adventure & Discovery
Activity Level


  • Rock Climbing
  • Additional Activities available

Group size- small
up to 8 participants

The tour package at a glance.


Discover the unique volcanic rock rich of amazing forms. Visit the best spots on the island. Don’t waste time searching and wondering where to go. Your guide will suggest the best rout for you. He can set a top rope so you can push your limits with safety.

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What is included in this tour.
  • All breakfasts, lunches and dinners
  • All accommodation
  • All transportation including taxis and coaches
  • Rock climbing guide for entire journey
  • Use of equipment. Check here
Whats not included in this tour.
This tour is guided once a month and has duration of 7 days. You can join at any time.
How to Book
Green dates are available. Please select the start date and hover to the last one.
Booking Duration
You can book any date range inside our available week. We recommend to book the entire tour as it is easier to join from the beginning. Minimum booking duration is 3 days (includes 2 nights).
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Empower your skills and make the most of your trip.


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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Accommodation is arranged according to every group.

    We have selected guest houses in the nature.

  • For each place the nights could vary from one to three nights.

    So for a week vacation we change host 2 or 3 times.

  • This way you safe traveling time between each area.

    And the host is closer to the activity.

  • Instead of every day returning to the same place.

    Saving time.

  • So more time to enjoy the stay.

    Or longer being in the nature.

  • One of our favourite places in Tenerife.

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