Rent a car

What to know when renting a car online.    


I would like to share my experience about what could you expect when after arriving at the airport and going to take your rent car from the office.

Here is what happened to me and some friend as well. I have been renting cars several times during my stay.

We arrived in Tenerife. Amazed and exited from the landscapes we went to take our car. The machine that makes you independent especially in an island.

Unfortunately the company didn’t have office at the airport so we were picked up by a shuttle bus to the office. It was not easy to figure it out where exactly to wait for it, because it was not mentioned in the online procedure. I saw the van picking some people, but there was no labels of the company to tell that this is the one, so I took it from the second round 🙂

Arriving in the office.

There was a long queue. Waiting about hour and a half to get to the desk. Everything was paid online so I expected to take the car right away and go, BUT instead of that the personal started telling  me stories of car robbery and how you can find the windows of the car broken with all your stuff stolen. WOW What a welcoming attitude, the aim was to offer me insurance. Me and my buddies had few surfboards and two kites, a hang drum, laptops, cameras you know. For sure we wanted no worries so we said ok we are taking the insurance which doesn’t covers stolen luggage, but if we do not take it they will block around 700 euros from my bank account and take it if something happen to the car. The insurance cost was 90 euros for 5 days, BUT then the personal taped the amount of 180 euros in the card device. He explained that they will charge me 90 euros, because the fuel tank is full and if I return the car with full tank they will refund the money. I said ok there is no way a full tank cost 90 euros, a litre of gasoline in Tenerife cost 0.80 cents.

They also required the bank card to be a credit card on the name of the driver!!! With driving experience not less that 3 years!!!

Returning the car.

Everything went well and I returned the car in one piece 🙂 I expected a refund of 90 euros because I returned the car with full tank (which cost was 50 euros), BUT instead they refunded 60 euros. I called the office for explanation. They simply replied “take a look in terms and condition policy at point 7 line 3” It appeared that if you wish you can return the car with whatever level of fuel and they will charge you for it, but this service by its own cost 30 euros and is not obligatory, probably will be good for people who hurry for a flight and can’t filled it up. In the office they never mentioned that this is an option and the cost of it.

The resume.

In total we booked the car online for 5 days for about 85 euros, but at the end paying 205 euros. Around 40 euros a day!!!

What I recommend.

Firs of all I want to say that I am not sponsored from any of the companies I’ll recommend.

NEVER book a car from GOLDCARS.

The BEST company for car rentals is AUTOREISEN. You will ask why.

  • You don’t pay online in advance. Payment is made at the moment of picking up your car.
  • You can cancel the reservation anytime with no cost
  • The best price on the market
  • No extra cost, no hidden fees
  • INSURANCE included
  • Returning the car with no fuss

Hope I helped you avoid the stress I experienced.