Our Story

Georgi Abrashev

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It begins back in 2006 as idea of creating a space where climbers looking for a partner could hire a professional climber to lead sport or big wall routs. Nine years have passed till this idea blossomed. Many times we want to go climbing, but we are missing a climbing buddy. For that reason ASA gives opportunity to people to find groups for action and adventures. The focus is to contribute value in form of well planed vacation and efficient traveling. ASA gives attention to details in all the aspects of the tour like accommodation, food, visiting places hard to find, places not shown on the maps.
About the founder.
ASA is found by Georgi Abrashev in 2015. He started climbing at age of 13. Very soon he  was competing for the local club and later on entered the national school for mountain guides in Bulgaria. During five years of his study he had the opportunity to climb at his favourite spots Vraca and Veliko Tarnovo. Ski-touring became the second passion that filled his free time while working as a ski teacher in Bansko, Bulgaria. He took part in few expeditions to the Alps. The following years after his graduation Georgi worked as ski teacher winter time and kite surf instructor during summer. Later on he searched realisation as professional sailor as part of a crew on shipman72 yacht making one transatlantic cross. His attitude of a constant seeker for new knowledge and skills has made him a person worth sharing experience.

ASA Future

ASA plan is to develop a network of guides and well planed adventure trips mixing outdoor relative sports.

Coming soon…

  • Multi-pitch climbing at Vraca, Bulgaria.
  • Ski-touring Rila mountain, Bulgaria…
  • Snowkite camp Vitosha mountain, Bulgaria…