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Hello, my name is Georgi. I am your private guide in Tenerife. Hire me and I can take you to places hard to find on the maps. I organise activities for those of you searching for something away from the mass tourism where you can gain new skills and experiences. Everyone can join and no previous experience is required. No big groups, no wasting time. We can start our adventure at 9am or 2pm, just select in the booking calendar below.

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Day Tours

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Teno Mountain

Above Masca trekk

This is a 3 hour walk on the top of the Masca ravine. It offers spectacular views over Teno mountain, the most northwest part of the island. This circuit will give you the sense of flying between the clouds.


Canyoning Aguamansa

Tenerife is famous with its “barrancos”. The canyons made from the lava and erosion for centuries. This tour offers you the excitement of descending with a rope (rappel). No previous experience is required as you can learn it with a brief instruction. The canyon is dry (except on a heavy rain days). Safety equipment is provided plus your guide will secure you with a second rope.

Aguamansa canyoning

Teide National Park

National Park of Teide

Get to know how the volcano was formed. Learn the plants and birds that live there and how they survive the harsh environment.

A short hike inside the park will get you away from the crowded places and let you discover the exceptional landscape. If you like you can get the cable car to 3550m. Ticket cost 27 euro

Visit Teide National Park with a guide


get to know...

History & Myths

How the Volcano was formed

& the structure of the amazing natural monuments

Interesting facts about the

biodiversity of the National Park

See the famous canary birds freely

& learn how to differentiate them

-Violeta del Teide

Explore & Discover

In a different way

See Behind the Scenery

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*Small group not more than 7 people


Hike to peak Guajara 2712m.

The fifth biggest caved-in crater in the world is named Las Cañadas – the ancient crater before the Teide grew up. Its diameter is about 18 km and the crest height is more than 700 m above the plain. The highest point of this vast and elliptic rock face is Guajara 2712 m. We can experience the stunning views to all the island and the national park.

Guajara 2712m.

Tajinaste rojo

View from Guajara to roques de Garcia

Anaga Montain

Anaga Chinamada downhill walk

At the very north part of the island Anaga mountain hits the ocean with steep shores. Its a very relax hike going down to Punta de Hidalgo. We can see how locals live and look after the land and goats.

Roque de Taborno 706m. in Anaga.

Los Morales. Barranco del Tomadero.

Roque de los pinos.

The very north coast of Anaga mountain. Punta Fajana.

Delicious cactus fruits can be found
if you dare do pick it up.

Rock Climbing

No matter what your vertical goals are Tenerife is a paradise for the sport climber. There are more than 1500 routes around 13 areas. Beginner or advanced I’ll be happy to be your climbing buddy and share my 18 year climbing experience. According to your level we will choose an appropriate spot. If you just discover the beauty of this sport I can set up a top rope for you so you can push your limits with safety.

Teide and El capricho, Tenerife

Looking for some Rock Climbing Holiday?

You have found it!

Fully organised

designed to enjoy Tenerife’s climbing spots

Teide and El capricho, Tenerife climbing

We love to share Rock Climbing

Your guide will suggest the best routs for you.

He can set a top rope so you can push your limits with safety.

Don't waste time searching where to go.

No need to rent a car and drive.

Small groups up to 8 persons.

Explore the best spots

Climbing at La Guaria , Tenerife

Improve your climbing skills


Make the most of your trip.

Add extra activities like:

+Mountain bike tour

+Paragliding tandem

+Sea Kayak

+& more

Teide and El capricho, Tenerife climbing

Book Your Trip.

Invite friends to join.

Meet climbers from all over the world.

Share the passion.

Explore the climbing paradise.

Climbing Peak Teide on full moon

This tour offers you watching the sunrise at 3718m. From the car park to the peak we will walk 6 hours during all night so we can be for the sunrise at the top. Then we can go back the same way or take the cable car down. (ticket is 13 euro) This tour is risky and the success for reaching the top is the current weather which can change very rapidly and temperatures can drop to freezing level and the strong wind can push you on the ground. The assessment of all factors at the beginning of the tour is very important.

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