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Island Exploration
Get to know Tenerife walking. Starting from the north to the south. Experience 4 micro-climates. See how the landscape  changes with every step.


High Land trekking
High Land Trekking
Discover the island from the mountain tops to the beach. Climb the highest peak of Spain and watch the spectacular sunrise at 3718m. alt.


Multi-sport vacation
Multi-sport vacation
Fully organised trip to enjoy your active holiday style. A combination of three outdoor activities.


Rock Climbing
A week of sport routs tour
Fully organised climbing trip designed to enjoy Tenerife’s climbing spots.


We make your vacation time more efficient and relaxed.
You make the most of your holiday.

Fully organised trips


ASA guides have dedicated their life to share knowledge and skills.


Visit guest houses in the nature close to the activity.


Travel with a personal van and don’t care about driving.Your guide will take you around.


We have selected nice restaurants and catering.


So you can travel light and safe from luggage fees.

Combine outdoor sports and discover your full potential.
Spend a week of action.

Tour overview

High Land Trekking

Tour map of our five-day multi sport holiday.

Multi-sport trips 2017

Our challenge is to create a circle of people who share the same vision and empower their skills

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Why fully organized?

Our trips are unique and the ultimate goal is to create a community of outdoor enthusiasts and active holiday seekers, that’s why we take all the aspects of a holiday and put it into a package. We are constantly searching for accommodations and partners who share our vision and respect for the environment. Imagine your tour guide as one of your best friends exited to show you amazing places where you would like to go back and experience new moments and meet new friends. We invite you to join us in this adventure together.



We collaborate with companies to deliver wide range of sports which you can combine during your alternative vacation. You can choose your preferable sports directly in the booking form and we will arrange them to fit our program.

  • Paragliding Tandem Flight
    Enjoy the sensation of a free flight and discover, from a different perspective, the most unique corners of Tenerife and other Canary Islands.
    Flight duration: 30-45min. Price 90 -120 €.
  • Surf Lesson
    Tenerife offers one of the best conditions for surfing. Learn the first steps with a local school.
    Duration 3 hours. Price 35 €.
  • Try Scuba Diving
    Although you’ve never dived before, this is your chance to feel the sensation of flying underwater enjoying a beautiful underwater landscape full of life and who knows if you could meet some … Turtles !!!
    Duration 3 hours Price 90€
  • Deep Water Solo
    At the bottom of the stunning Teno cliffs we can combine visiting the lighthouse and go to the cave. A good way to keep climbing and refresh yourself.
    Duration half day. Price: free€.
  • Kite Lesson
    Basic kite flying lesson. You will learn how to fly a small training kite on the beach of El Medano. After the lesson you will know how to determine the wind direction, the area where the kite flyes and its zones, how to launch, land and control a training kite, how the safety system works, spot assesment and potential hazards.
    Duration 3 hours. This activity is free.
  • Stand up Paddle
    Paddle Surf for beginners and pros, learning the techniques of paddling and balance while we enjoy an entertaining ride at the foot of the giant Teno cliffs!
    Duration 2 hours. Price 35€
  • MTB
    Smooth paths and long descents is the short description of an amazing bike experience Tenerife can offer.
    Duration 3-4 hours. Price 60 €.
  • Sea Kayak
    Rowing a sea kayak at the foot of the impressive Teno cliffs is one of the most exhilarating feelings they can be experienced. Snorkeling can be done too on the trip.
    Duration 2 hours. Price 35 €
  • Siam Park
    If you want to have fun like a kid this is a good place. The water kingdom. The best water park in the world according to trip advisor.
    Duration 6 hours. Price 37€
  • Just Relax on the beach
    If you wish not to take part of any of the above sports you can just relax and have free time.


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